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Product Highlights for Folded Dipole Antennas

Specifications Model 550 | Specifications Model 500 | Specifications Model 400
Manual Model 550 Model 550 Manual | Manual Model 500 Model 500 Manual | Manual Model 400 Model 400 Manual

Designed to provide the highest quality television picture and sound reception in local and remote areas. Manufactured with the highest industry standards for years of reliable operation.

The antenna can be raised, lowered and rotated from inside the vehicle for optimum tuning of any TV channel. The head assembly includes the amplifier, powder-coated aircraft quality aluminum construction, and high impact ABS housing. The latest SMC amplifier technology provides many times the signal strength of non-amplified systems and is optimized to provide maximum gain with minimum noise to insure a crystal clear picture on your TV.

The gear housing and baseplate for the Model 500 are made with cast aluminum for years of reliable operation.

For travel, the antenna is lowered to rest on top of the vehicle, resulting in a low profile of only 4 inches.

Installation is simple and can be performed by the RV owner or by RV dealers.

All parts are warranted for 12 months.

Replacement parts are available to distributors, dealers and customers.